Friday, July 17, 2009

Iguazu Falls

On the border of Argentina and Brasil, Iguazu falls (actually  a waterfall system comprised of 275 waterfalls) along the Iguazu river.  When Eleanor Roosevelt saw the falls for the first time, all she could say was, "poor Niagra".  Having seen both, I have to agree with Ely- these things could eat Niagra alive.  

I have never been such a fan of waterfall pictures.  Actually, I rather dislike them.  Usually when I see photos of waterfalls, they're accompanied by some motivational poem or on the cover of an easy listening cd.  Standing in front of Iguazu falls I realized for the first time why people take some many pictures of the things.  The amount of water and force behind a waterfall is incredible.  You hear them before you see them. The endless cycle of falling water smashing into the river below, is almost impossible to comprehend.  Hence the pictures.  Half trying to convince yourself, half trying to convince others that something this amazing actually exists in nature, you desperately try to capture it in a still frame.  While at Iguazu, I took around 300 pictures in one day...don't worry though, I still hate easy listening...

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